Allison Argent Style
Welcome to Allison Argent Style. We are currently one of the only sites dedicated to the Teen Wolf character Allison Argent. Here you can find guides and step by step instructions on how to create Allison's effortless look including her hair and makeup.

msyukimuras asked: "can you please do a hair tutorial for allison in 3x09?"

Are you talking about this one?

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Anonymous asked: "season 2 episode 7 Allison had a really nice hair-style (library part - 11 minutes and 25 seconds to be more specific ) i was wondering if someone can tell me how to style my hair like her hair :) thanks"

There’s a guide for that hairstyle on our main site.

Here’s the link:

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hanyes asked: "Hi, just a quick question, sorry if this has been asked before, but what would you call Allison's style?"

Probably a feminine edgy. She wears a lot of girly designs, but in darker colors.

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Anonymous asked: "Can you do her season 3 hair style tutorial?"

I’d need a more specific picture.

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"I’m getting to all your questions tonight! Hopefully I’ll get to the requests. <3"
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quietcassandra asked: "Hi! Just wanted to say I was so happy to find your post about the Butter London nail polish! Although a little bitter that it's not actually from London! Love the blog <3"

Thank you, darling! It means a lot.

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You guys are incredible! 811 FOLLOWERS???!!!! Crazy stuff…

More posts are coming soon! Hang in there.


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Anonymous asked: "Can you please pleasee post this site<3333 btw"

I’ve been super busy with everything! Hopefully I’ll be updating soon.

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Anonymous asked: "What kind of backpack do you think Allison would have?"

Either a leather bag, or something floral. :)

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"We have 618 followers! You guys are AWESOME!"
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